CCTV Drain Survey

A CCTV Drain Survey is ideal for those with existing drainage problems, or those looking to avoid costly problems.

Condition and Route Confirmation- Assess the condition and ascertain the route of the drainage system to identify any existing or potential structural defects.

Blockage Identification- Establish the location, size and seriousness of blockages within the pipeline.

Root Ingress-  Overtime tree roots can penetrate fractures, cracks and weaknesses within the pipeline in order to locate a water source. As a result, they can lead to more serious defects, specifically, collapsed pipework, if left untreated.


Our experienced surveyors use advanced camera systems and Wincan software to code any potential defects in accordance with Wrc MSCC5. Novum surveys are able to offer fully portable CCTV Drain surveys with no disruption to your property.


Our technicians use the latest Wincan software to generate a full technical report. Along with other important information, the report contains a layout drawing, structural grading system, recording of each line surveyed,  snapshots of identified defects and further recommendations (if necessary) for each section. Additionally, subject to the clients requirements, marked up plans produced in AutoCAD can be provided.

All surveyors are OS19X certified. Coding and reports are completed in accordance with the WRc Manual of Sewer Condition Classification – European standard defect coding system.