Drain Cleaning

Items such as wet wipes, paper towels, cotton buds, grease, fat, tree roots, etc all have the potential to cause blocked or damaged pipework.

High-Pressure Water Jetting is ideal for drain cleaning to remove such items. This can be beneficial to not only blockages, but heavily silted pipelines full of debris and large materials, or the removal of nasty looking tree roots which have made there way through the pipe wall.  

Root Ingress-  Overtime tree roots can penetrate fractures, cracks and weaknesses within the pipeline in order to locate a water source. As a result, they can lead to more serious defects, specifically, collapsed pipework, if left untreated.

Our High-Pressure Water Jetting Van Pack is capable of producing pressure up to 4000psi. The unit comes equipped with a broad range of specialist nozzles and attachments to suit all aspects of sewer cleaning. Thus, ensuring the scope of works carried out by Novum Surveys is effective and efficient for pipeline cleaning. Wash away your problems with pipeline cleaning.